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Early in Katie Naylor’s life, art became her passion. While growing up in Northern Wisconsin and during her formative years at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, she immersed herself in a wide variety of artistic disciplines. Over time, she was inevitably drawn to a career in photography and decided to settle in the Hayward, Wisconsin area because of its rich, natural beauty and its abundance of photographic opportunities.

Katie’s unique photographic abilities come, in part, from her innate awareness and use of light and space, her playful enthusiasm for photographic experimentation, and her profound determination to reveal unique perspectives of her many subjects. Moreover, Katie’s easy-going charm and pleasant personality help her subjects feel comfortable and at ease.

Katie and her husband, Joe, live in Hayward, Wisconsin along with her favorite photographic subjects, their young sons, Eli and Milo, and their dog Oscar. Katie and Joe have both been very active members of the Hayward community for many years.